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Dance Friday

a Radical Suburban Boogie Formerly South Bay Boogie

We Dance Every Friday

Dance Friday is underway and freestyle dancing has never been so fine. And, since it is freestyle dancing, you don't need a partner, or shoes, or rhythm (some people just roll around on the floor).


We dance every Friday night from 8:00 to 11:00. See Directions for the location.

What Happens

Freestyle dancing to nonstop DJ music. Some people dance with a partner, but most people dance alone. There is a lot of traveling and spinning on the dance floor; we really mix it up. You can dance for hours straight, some people call this trance dancing. It is tremendously healing and can actually increases your energy. San Francisco and Berkeley have freestyle dancing which they call barefoot boogies (http://www.ncdcdances.org/).

One method of freestyle dancing is based on the concept that all your body parts can dance. You start by dancing with your hands, just your hands. Then you start to move your elbows as well as your hands to the music, your shoulders, your hips, your knees, your feet....  Or you can start with your feet and worked up. What happens when you try to move all of your body parts to the rhythm is that the cares of the world can no longer be considered. You very quickly become lost in the ecstasy of moving to music. The ecstasy happens because people stop the internal dialogue in order to get all their body parts moving. Once you start to move, the pleasure of so much in rhythm motion holds your attention. All you are left with is music, movement and ecstasy. It will bring you back to the most simple tribal community unity. You may feel that you have come home. Welcome.


General admission is $10.

Student with ID is $5

On the first evening that you dance with us you only pay five dollars.

Bring three friends and you (one person) get in free.


Dance Friday has moved to The Center, 435 Middlefield Rd (just north of University Ave.) Palo Alto 94301. 

From 101north bound (heading towards San Francisco):

1. From 101north bound (heading towards San Francisco), take the second University Ave. exit. From 101 south bound (heading towards San Jose), take the first University Ave. exit.

2. Drive towards downtown Palo Alto for about one mile.

3. Turn right onto Middle Field (has a traffic light).

The Center is the second building on the right. Go past The Center and take the next right turn to find parking on the side streets.

For schedule information call 650-566- 9955 or subscribe to our email list. Emails are sent for each dance and for special event anouncements and scheule updates. By clicking the following email link and sending the resultant empty email. Or manually send an empty email to: sbboogie-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to unsubscribe click the following link or manually send an email to: sbboogie-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Special Events

Make one and we will support it.

The Music

We have a wide mix of music that varies tremendously. It includes: rock and roll, New Age, blues, Latin, even Greek folk, but the rhythm is almost always complex enough so you can find your own beat. Our DJs encourage comments and are very responsive to your requests, just walk over and chat. You can get some idea of the type of music from our Open Letter to the DJs.

Musical Description

Our DJs say, I love music. I love music from all genres. Some of my intentions as a DJ are to:

  • Bring new music to people as a vibrational inspiration
  • Help Foster a healing sonic environment
  • Promote community
  • Provide a fresh breath of soul in enrichment.

I try my best to feel what the dance of the moment is and attune my selections to this dreamtime. I often seek to cultivate a positive transformation through the built-up of energy - much like a tantra or chi going. As a body worker/Energy worker, I draw from my practice to "feel" what the resonance in the room is saying, and get presents with it. I want you to heal and feel what is real.

Open Letter to the DJs

DJs, for some feedback from the dancers, go to our Open Letter to the DJs.

Why This Was Started

If you ever took a dance class and want to dance the way you were taught, you need room and music that can support all styles. Such places just didn't exist, but a couple of people had a dream to make it happen. It's not for everyone, but if you find yourself dancing around your home and don't need a drink to get moving to a provocative rhythm, you are our kind of people.

If you are tired of over crowded dance places with excessively loud music with overly simplistic rhythm, check us out.

We are not in it to make money, we just want a place to dance.

Who Comes

The age group is unlimited because we don't sell drinks. Everyone seems to feel a bond with each other because of the genuine love of dance that attracts people to this type of dancing. Many of the people who come to dance took a dance class or two, loved the dancing part, but really just wanted to dance and not think too much.  That is what makes freestyle dancing so pleasurable, there is no thinking about looking OK, doing the right steps, is my partner having a good dance.... Just dance!

One of our regular attendees, Gilles DuBellay, has written a poem that expresses his experience:

Awakening to the Dance

Dance, dance, Dance,
When her pleasure touches me
I know that Dance is near.
Come in! Come in!

Soon she is part of me
I ride the waves… I am the waves.
Those who can see come to bathe.

When Dance leaves me, I don't pretend.
Her empty shell clings to me,
But I'd rather break it
And wait for Dance's true signs.

I can see who else she is visiting;
Their energy calls to me
As I stare in rapture.


A couple of dance loving folks, Willow Dea, Robin Mankey and David Butlein, started this dance jam. I believe that Willow and Robin came up with the idea and David added that male energy. Now the staff of volunteers has grown:

Anne Caswell
Damon Miller
Paul Winter
Robin Mankey
Stewart Bean

About Us, From Us

Visit Robin Mankey's bio page.

Paul Winter, the Webmaster
I am so grateful to have discovered such an easy method two obtain ecstasy. Freestyle dancing has allowed me to forget the cares of the world for hours on end. Who am I? Good question. If the things that interest a person are an indication of who a person is, visit my web site. It has articles about things such as a suppressed and safe cancer treatment, the solar wind stopping for two days, a room temperature superconductor that you can make at home (real alchemy), an incessant bio, and a bunch of stuff about my recently published book on intuition which you can buy at the door. The $10 price goes to support the boogie

More pictures and stories to follow if I can get the other organizers to talk.

Other Events

Nothing is planned that the current time.


Our dance event is part of the Northern California Dance Collective.

List of freestyle dance events in the Unites States.

Healing Dance email group.

OyMap.com - a world directory

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Sweat Your Prayers every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Starting the end of Jan 2006 at the Flex-it Gym at 425 W. Evelyn, Mt. View. Contact

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Body Tales - classes, performances and events take place throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including several south bay events..

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848 Contact Improvisation Jam - Tuesdays, 7:30-11:00pm 848 Community Space 848 Divisadero Street San Francisco

The Groove Garden is Marin's first-saturday-of-the-month dance event and performance venue. In a space completely transformed by sweet, multi-textural lighting and creative light-play we offer an excursion in to ecstatic dance unlike any other place you've been. At Fairfax, CA. From San Francisco, take 101 north to the San Anslemo/Sir Francis Drake Exit.

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Contacts and Email Announcements

For email announcements about special events and dance cancellations, subscribe to our email group by clicking the following email link and simply sending the resultant empty email. Or manually send an empty email to: sbboogie-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .

To unsubscribe click the following link or manually send an email to:  sbboogie-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.

To visit our Yahoo group on the web, click here.

For additional information, email Robin Mankey, at Robin Mankey or call 650 566- 9955

For comments or problems with the web site, click to email Paul Winter or call 408 245-4543

Page thrown together by Paul Winter. Visit my web site, buy my book, send me chocolate...

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